5th Annual Chinook Fest Central

Before diving into this year's 5th Annual Chinook Fest, let's go back to last year's Fest when Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real took over the headlining spot, wowed the crowd, captivated the photo pit to the point of setting the cameras down, embraced the supporting Chinook Fest bands with an … [Read more...]

Who’s Playing Sasquatch 2013? A Complete Lineup

Sasquatch 2013 is just around the river bend (Pocahontas style) and we are simultaneously so excited it's happening, totally nervous it won't be as good as (enter year here), and nostalgic about (that other time). So, when STG gathered all the people in Seattle who go to concerts and have a Twitter … [Read more...]

Seattle is Footloose, But Not In The Way You Think

Dance Tax Benefit Concert w/ The Local Strangers, The Thoughts, The Solvents and many many more Columbia City Theater May 26, 2012 tix $10+, 21+   … [Read more...]

Van Halen Still Has What it Takes, Plus High Kicks

I really can't do last night's show justice with a simple description. I felt transported back to the 80's, but this time I wanted to be there. Kool and the Gang was your typical big band soul group. A lot of running around the stage, wide-mouthed high notes and brass instruments blasting away. It … [Read more...]

On the Road: Kris Orlowski

I asked Kris Orlowski, as he drove his way through the Pacific Northwest for a mini-tour, if he would send us photographic updates. You know, just to see what they were up to. I've done this a couple times before IRW came along, but I have to tell you... Kris and bandmates Mark Isakson and Torry … [Read more...]