Steven Tyler Packs Them in at McCaw Hall

I purposefully kept away from any reviews of the first show (in LA earlier this week) of Steven Tyler's Out On A Limb tour before heading out to McCaw Hall yesterday to see him perform. Having only been a passive Aerosmith fan in their heyday (though who could resist "Walk This Way" or singing along … [Read more...]

New Music: PHOX Releases New Single “Slow Motion,” Announces Tour Dates

They're the best band you've never heard of, but soon you won't be able to stop talking about them. The band is PHOX (pronounced like "fox"), and they're coming to Seattle soon with their debut record in hand. Originally booked on Sasquatch Music Festival's second weekend (AKA the one that got … [Read more...]

Neumos Takes a Trip with Chris Robinson Brotherhood

It was the Saturday following Thanksgiving, after the frantic holiday preparations, massive feasts, food coma, and black Friday craziness had passed. It was also time to hit the music venues for a night of kickin' back and actually enjoying time with family and friends.  This particular night, the … [Read more...]

Aaron J. Shay Takes His Ukulele Folk Down the Coast

In a city saturated with guitar-toting musicians, Aaron J. Shay is making his mark armed with a ukulele, clever lyrics and an infectious passion for music. He has been making the rounds in the Seattle for years with his street-folk band The Mongrel Jews (they are all Jewish, so it's okay). But now, … [Read more...]

Spring Standards and Rhett Miller, A Beautifull Combo

I am continually surprised by shows I see at the Crocodile,  including Rhett Miller's set a couple weeks ago. He was happy about the newly remodeled space, but Miller seemed starry-eyed at his KEXP in-studio earlier this month, when he mentioned that he had his first Seattle show at the Croc many … [Read more...]

Drowning Men and Lets Get Lost Brought Down Tha House

On the suggestion of a few friends, I headed over to Barboza last week for a show that had some of the most unexpected elements—both outstanding and upsetting—of any I've seen this year. First up were locals Let's Get Lost. Despite the piddly crowd, I had a great time watching these guys laugh and … [Read more...]

Kimbra is Coming! Kimbra is Coming!

When people think of Kimbra, they probably associate her with another recent sensation from Down Under, Gotye. Most people first heard her as the female voice that speaks out in the second half of his song about modern heartbreak, “Somebody That I Used To Know.” Both artists rose to fame quickly … [Read more...]

Temper Trap Lights It Up and Crocodiles Thrash

The Crocodiles were just as I expected, a great cross of rock and punk with just as much energy as you'd think. The band thrashed around the stage as the end of their set neared and the crowd was caught up in the storm of notes swirling around them. Despite the warm temperature inside the venue, the … [Read more...]

Rhett Miller and His Pretty Face Grace The Crocodile

You may not know Rhett Miller by name, but he's been making music for the past twenty three years. It's possible that you know his face, it's beautiful... I really like looking at it (and his hair is amazing, what kind of shampoo does he use?!). If his name still doesn't ring a bell, it's possibly … [Read more...]

Eric Hutchinson on Moving Up, Living Down

Eric Hutchinson's music has always struck a chord with me. (Ha. Wordplay.) His witty, honest approach to songwriting is a refreshing break from generic clichés; his songs are so blatantly relate-able that you're constantly inclined to nudge the person next to you and give them a "this guy gets me" … [Read more...]