Bumbershoot Beyond the Music

There's plenty of coverage for this year's Bumbershoot Music Festival up on the interwebs discussing the best musical sets to catch or the local acts that deserve your attention, and we'll absolutely be blabbing all about those things throughout the festival and beyond as well. For our preview … [Read more...]

Soaking Up Every Word: Lemolo Releases ‘The Kaleidoscope’

I think everybody was proud of them. Even the people who didn’t know them at all. Even the people who had never come to shows along with the fans who didn’t come to the difficult shows—the ones that were played to empty rooms. I think it took a few songs for proud strangers to adopt the beaming … [Read more...]

James Morrison Brings His Smooth Soul to the Neptune

I love me some "guys with soul", so much so that a friend of mine coined that term to describe the majority of my music library. If you're anything like me and looking for your next "guy with soul" fix, look no further than the Neptune Theater where English singer-songwriter James Morrison will be … [Read more...]