A Little Time With Jordan Cook (aka ReignWolf)

If you haven’t already heard about ReignWolf’s surprise performance on top of the Easy Street Records van between The Shins set and Jack White’s performance, his rockin’ out on the guitar while sitting on the security guard’s shoulders early Sunday afternoon at the Yeti Stage, the crowd that seemed … [Read more...]

Day 2 and Feelin’ Good (Part 1)

Today began with Black Whales; while the set was rad, my fondest memory of them was people watching from the deck of the Media Room throughout another show; wow...now that was comedy.  Bassist, Ryan Middleton, expressed to me how inspiring it is that kids these days don’t care about fitting in. They … [Read more...]

First Official Fest Coverage Award Goes To…Sasquatch!

It’s finally here… my departure date for the beautiful Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington. I will be there from noon Friday to 11:30pm on Monday for the 10 year old Sasquatch! Music Festival! This has always been one of my favorite regional music festivals with a huge selection of 132 bands, … [Read more...]

Snapshot: SXSW in iPhone Photos

As you can imagine, I was snapping pictures like a madwoman all week last week.  My Nikon wasn't the only camera capturing moments, however. If you follow IRW's twitter account, then you've seen the madness of SXSW through my eyes every step of the way via iPhone captures. I've posted some of … [Read more...]

It’s Just a Little Crush: Seattle Falls for Deep Sea Diver

Tonight might get a little awkward, so there’s one thing you should remember as Jessica Dobson takes the stage with her band of beautiful, clean-cut men: she’s married, okay? So just back off. I saw Deep Sea Diver (DSD) for the first time in December when they opened for Campfire OK and Pickwick … [Read more...]