Fitz and the Tantrums Lit Up Showbox Sodo

Fitz and the Tantrums may just put on the most electric show in existence.  I'm not talking electric in the literal sense, although they have integrated a wicked awesome light show into their set. I'm talking in the metaphorical "sparks and fireworks" sense. When they take the stage, it's a … [Read more...]

James Blake Tonight at Showbox SODO

Tonight, one of my absolute favorite artists James Blake is coming to the Showbox SODO. At just 25 years old, he is a relatively new artist and a pioneer in the electronic and experimental realms. His 2013 sophomore album, Overgrown, tops my list for this year's releases. Blake's smokey, soulful … [Read more...]

‘No Diggity’ Locals Roundup

So Blackstreet is headed to Seattle this week. Yea, that Blackstreet. Over the last couple years, covering their song "No Diggity" has become a thing in this town (perhaps other towns too, but I'm only privy to the trend in this one). The first time I heard it uttered by a local was a set by Hot … [Read more...]

The Naked & Famous Electrify A Spirited Seattle Crowd

Just as I suspected, New Zealand’s Naked and Famous got stiff ‘ol Seattle moving early last week at Showbox SoDo. If you haven’t been apart of a crowd that is jumping in unison, singing along to every word, it’s a one of a kind experience. And I say that as a complete outsider. I’ll be the first … [Read more...]

The Naked and Famous Sure to Get Seattle Grooving

Undeniably, it’s the year of the international superstar. Between Australia’s Gotye, to Iceland’s Of Monsters and Men, to France’s M83, there’s no denying the musical chops that have infiltrated borders. But make room for New Zealand’s Naked and Famous on that list. With their kiwi brand of … [Read more...]

Counting Crows Still Selling Out After All These Years

Really, is there many people in the US that can't name at least one Counting Crows song they like? Think about it, I bet there's at least a couple you could name right now. There's two in my head that stick out... one is actually a cover but I really loved the way they did it: Joni Mitchell's Big … [Read more...]

Gotye Has Everyone Moving, and I Mean Everyone

Even the most subdued and sour-faced attendee at the Showbox Sodo Tuesday night ended up bobbing their heads and shifting to the beat as Gotye entertained every last member of the sold out crowd. Shifting and head bobbing is the official dance of Seattlites (proclaimed the country-wide as the least … [Read more...]