Brooklyn in the Howth

I caught up with Brooklyn band Howth as I sat in line for the ferry to Doe Bay. The five piece band was driving the stretch between Los Angeles and Oakland, a couple weeks into their month-long cross-country tour. Aviva Stampfer, keyboarder/glockenspieler/vocalist for the band, filled me in on the … [Read more...]

A Chat With Melodie of Campfire OK

I sat down last week with musician (and friend) Melodie Knight from Campfire OK to talk about the band’s show this Friday at The Crocodile. I partnered up with Morgen and we captured the inside scoop on the band, their upcoming show, why Melodie thinks conversations are an essential part of the … [Read more...]

Temper Trap Lights It Up and Crocodiles Thrash

The Crocodiles were just as I expected, a great cross of rock and punk with just as much energy as you'd think. The band thrashed around the stage as the end of their set neared and the crowd was caught up in the storm of notes swirling around them. Despite the warm temperature inside the venue, the … [Read more...]

Vid: The Drowning Men’s “Disorder Here We Come”

Tonight at Barboza, The Drowning Men are hitting the stage. We came across this little gem of a video and wanted to share it. If you love old sea-based movies and fun rock music, you're in for a treat. Check it out and then head to Barboza tonight to see 'em in person along with River City Extension … [Read more...]

Crocodiles Pop Into Seattle With Temper Trap

Don't let their mod-style clothing choices fool you; Crocodiles (not to be confused with "The Crocodiles" from New Zealand) have a great heavy pop feel far removed from the shoe-gazer attitude their look may emanate. These guys (and girls) don't just sit around looking cool; I'd say it would be hard … [Read more...]

Bellingham Boys: The Learning Team

Living in Seattle, we tend to forget about the outer-reaches of our area like Everett, Bellingham, Renton and Tacoma. Despite the fact that they have fewer options when it comes to venues and so less opportunities to work musical magic for the public, that doesn't mean artists are less talented. I … [Read more...]

Eric Hutchinson on Moving Up, Living Down

Eric Hutchinson's music has always struck a chord with me. (Ha. Wordplay.) His witty, honest approach to songwriting is a refreshing break from generic clichés; his songs are so blatantly relate-able that you're constantly inclined to nudge the person next to you and give them a "this guy gets me" … [Read more...]

The Sunset Tavern Housed A Couple Dynamos

Just as I suspected, Ramona Falls and Land of Pines worked it on Thursday night at the Sunset. Most of Ballard ave was shut down till around 8pm for a parade celebrating Syttende Mai, Norway's constitution day. Basically it means there are five bus-loads of marching bands, little kids riding in … [Read more...]

A Quick Chat With We Are Serenades

I had a chance to shoot Adam Olenius and Markus Krunegard of We Are Serenades an email and ask them some pertinent (and not so pertinent) questions about their relationship, new album and tour. If their responses are any indication, I have a feeling we're in for a lot of fun tomorrow at the … [Read more...]

Fall In Love With Ramona Falls All Over Again

You may be familiar with the band Menomena, I know I am. From the moment I heard their name I knew I'd found something fantastic. With unique instrumentals and often awkward melodies, they are totally weird and fantastic.  When I found out lead singer/guitarist Brent Knopf was starting a new … [Read more...]