Sasquatch ’15 Yearbook: Monday Wind-down

Oh, the last day of Sasquatch. We’re all tired and worn down, but still exhilarated and attempting to get as much of the festival life in while we can. Monday’s weather was a little temperamental, which actually played in well to the eclectic variety of shows lined up. If you were ambitious, for … [Read more...]

SXSW Diary: Day Two and Three, Now We’re Talkin’

Ok so this is LOOONG overdue... obviously. It took me about two weeks to recover from the constant flow of information being tossed to my ears, eyes and fingers. Day two and three were when the real party got started. As I mentioned in my previous SX post, I was sort of glad I got to the fest early … [Read more...]

Sharon Van Etten: Not Just Another Singer-Songwriter

About six weeks ago, my Facebook news feed was crowded by the name “Sharon Van Etten” accompanied by an array of idol worship-like compliments. Since most of these posts were written by people I respect in Seattle’s music community, I decided to check her out. Some weeks later, I listened to about … [Read more...]