Feed Me a Line With Susy Sun

I first heard of Susy Sun about 9 years ago when my younger cousin told me about this really talented girl that had been playing music with his band.  He used to send me clips of their recordings, and I often made requests to get me the sheet music for her creations (which he never did).  She was … [Read more...]

Who’s Playing Sasquatch 2013? A Complete Lineup

Sasquatch 2013 is just around the river bend (Pocahontas style) and we are simultaneously so excited it's happening, totally nervous it won't be as good as (enter year here), and nostalgic about (that other time). So, when STG gathered all the people in Seattle who go to concerts and have a Twitter … [Read more...]

Andrew Joslyn: The Strings Behind the Seattle Music Scene

“Someone once asked me ‘What do you think about when you play?’,” Andrew Joslyn recalls, talking over loud music at a little restaurant in Queen Anne. “The thing is, I don’t think. I’ve been playing violin so long it's like second nature, an additional appendage. I'm like a ventriloquist, I just let … [Read more...]