Sasquatch ’15 Yearbook: Monday Wind-down

Oh, the last day of Sasquatch. We’re all tired and worn down, but still exhilarated and attempting to get as much of the festival life in while we can. Monday’s weather was a little temperamental, which actually played in well to the eclectic variety of shows lined up. If you were ambitious, for … [Read more...]

James Coates Releases More Than Just Music

On Saturday, June 30th James Coates had a CD release show at the Mandolin Café in Tacoma, WA for Land of Fame & Glory.  The bushy-bearded, curly-haired musician chose Umber Mishra, Kurt Lindsay and Gina Belliveau to set the scene for him.  I had to arrive late, missing Umber Mishra and the first … [Read more...]