Bumbershoot 2013 Day 2: Diary of a Wanderer

The problem with Bumbershoot is one that every large music festival-goer has had: Sometimes, there’s so much good music going on simultaneously, it’s hard to see it all. Normally you would just pick your favorites of the day, make sure you’re there for those shows in particular, and try to catch … [Read more...]

Storytime: Ramona Falls’ New Vid

I've talked about the Portland-based Ramona Falls before. It's pretty obvious I have fallen hard for anything that Brent Knopf is involved in. My crush started back in the days of Menomena with its oddly dramatic feel created through a mixture of woodwinds, piano and Knopf's mystically alluring … [Read more...]

The Sunset Tavern Housed A Couple Dynamos

Just as I suspected, Ramona Falls and Land of Pines worked it on Thursday night at the Sunset. Most of Ballard ave was shut down till around 8pm for a parade celebrating Syttende Mai, Norway's constitution day. Basically it means there are five bus-loads of marching bands, little kids riding in … [Read more...]

Fall In Love With Ramona Falls All Over Again

You may be familiar with the band Menomena, I know I am. From the moment I heard their name I knew I'd found something fantastic. With unique instrumentals and often awkward melodies, they are totally weird and fantastic.  When I found out lead singer/guitarist Brent Knopf was starting a new … [Read more...]