Gleason Fest Promised Something Real and Delivered

Gleason Fest came with much anticipation this year with a heavy lineup and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge paving the way for a big turnout; and it definitely delivered!  Saturday afternoon came around and people were trickling in greeted with smiles and often hugs. There was an air of reunion … [Read more...]

Get It Straight: Tomorrow Be On The Other Side Of The State.

ELKFEST has evolved quite a bit from its origin 9 years ago, when Marshall Powell and The Elk owners started the free festival as a spin-off to Art Fest that takes place in Coeur d’alene Park every year.  In 2009 they hired John Blakesley to take care of the booking and now it is presented every … [Read more...]

Storytime: Ramona Falls’ New Vid

I've talked about the Portland-based Ramona Falls before. It's pretty obvious I have fallen hard for anything that Brent Knopf is involved in. My crush started back in the days of Menomena with its oddly dramatic feel created through a mixture of woodwinds, piano and Knopf's mystically alluring … [Read more...]

Pickathon 2012, Eco-Friendly and Talent Heavy

I will be going to PickathonA�music festival this year, just outside Portland in the very aptly named "Happy Valley" Oregon. The festival takes place on a farm which is just the beginning of the good things about Pickathon. Not only is Neko Case playing (twice), but they have free drinking water (so … [Read more...]

Soaking Up Every Word: Lemolo Releases ‘The Kaleidoscope’

I think everybody was proud of them. Even the people who didn’t know them at all. Even the people who had never come to shows along with the fans who didn’t come to the difficult shows—the ones that were played to empty rooms. I think it took a few songs for proud strangers to adopt the beaming … [Read more...]

This ‘r That: Get to Know Lemolo

Lemolo is hitting the stage at Columbia City Theater this weekend for their highly anticipated CD release shows. That's right, I said shows. The band sold out Friday night's show in less than 11 hours and immediately added a second date (Saturday), thus appeasing those who missed out on the first … [Read more...]

Rhett Miller and His Pretty Face Grace The Crocodile

You may not know Rhett Miller by name, but he's been making music for the past twenty three years. It's possible that you know his face, it's beautiful... I really like looking at it (and his hair is amazing, what kind of shampoo does he use?!). If his name still doesn't ring a bell, it's possibly … [Read more...]

Fall In Love With Ramona Falls All Over Again

You may be familiar with the band Menomena, I know I am. From the moment I heard their name I knew I'd found something fantastic. With unique instrumentals and often awkward melodies, they are totally weird and fantastic.  When I found out lead singer/guitarist Brent Knopf was starting a new … [Read more...]

Trio of Awesome – Lumineers, Y La Bamba and Quiet Life Last Saturday

Today The Lumineers officially release their first full-length album. The only recorded songs previously available were a Daytrotter session and some homemade recordings they sold at shows that hardly showed off what the band is really capable of. We were lucky enough to grab an early copy and … [Read more...]