Sasquatchin’ Day 3: Ooh La La Another, What A Whirlwind!

High wind warnings! Canceled sets! Brush fires! The cow from Twister flying by my face! Day three of Sasquatch was a harrowing whirlwind, and much like the saga of Mecha-Streisand, Robert Smith was the only Cure. Ugh I’m sorry but I HAD TO. Cosmos Newcomers Cosmos recently won EMP's underage … [Read more...]

Cap Hill Block Party Roundup, Final Day of Awesome

I may have been spending a majority of my time at the "alternative" to CHBP (Capitol Hill Block Party), Timber Music Festival, I made sure I had time to get up Monday morning, hop back into the city and catch the last day of Block Party. After all, two of my favorites (Frightened Rabbit and Flaming … [Read more...]

Boise, Warm Up Already! Treefort A Go Go

For this first episode of "Treefort of our Lives" you'll get a recap of my ridiculous adventures of Thursday's shows and some photo-y goodness at the end. From the moment I stepped foot in Boise for this year's Treefort Music Festival, it felt a little like another planet. I'd never taken a … [Read more...]

Hey Marseilles Album Release Show: New Record, Same Devoted Fans

The great thing about the crowd at a Hey Marseilles show — and in particular, at Friday's album release show for Lines We Trace — is that everyone seems to know the words and feel a sense of total comfort in singing and clapping along at the tops of their projecting abilities. The funny clapping … [Read more...]

Ben Folds Brought the House Down

Everyone's heard that anthem for bad relationships and impossible situations dubbed "Brick". In '97 it hit the shelves and by '98 it became a permanent part in our memory of those youthful days of summer. It was depressing as hell but spoke right to us, no metaphors or hidden symbolism. That's … [Read more...]

Sondre Lerche Rocks The Croc — Norwegian Style

If there was a word to describe Norwegian singer-songwriter Sondre Lerche's recent set at The Crocodile, it would be — unexpected. Maybe "delightful," "raucous," "charming"... we could go on and on about how wonderful he was, and those who were packed in next to us on that night would probably agree … [Read more...]

Ty Segall at Bumbershoot

It's a known fact that Ty Segall is a dynamo on stage. He may look unassuming as he comes on stage but that's when the low-key ambiance gets kicked into high gear. Natalie caught him in the act with this great gallery. … [Read more...]

Lee Fields and the Expressions at Bumbershoot

Lee Fields is not a product of the soul revival, but has surely experienced its benefits. He’s been making music since the late 1960s and it looks like he has no intention of stopping. When I arrived at his set on Sunday, he was on full speed, sweating all over the place, pleading to the audience … [Read more...]

Temper Trap Lights It Up and Crocodiles Thrash

The Crocodiles were just as I expected, a great cross of rock and punk with just as much energy as you'd think. The band thrashed around the stage as the end of their set neared and the crowd was caught up in the storm of notes swirling around them. Despite the warm temperature inside the venue, the … [Read more...]

Nouela Finds Her Comfort Zone

I admit it, I typically don't like solo female artists. As a woman, I've always felt like I was somehow letting the ladies down by disliking most of what I was hearing. With the exception of Ani Difranco, Joni Mitchell and a select few... I just couldn't take it. To my delight, a couple years … [Read more...]