CHBP or How I Learned to Navigate Drunk Idiots

Another Capitol Hill Block Party has come and gone, and as usual I was unable to see all the acts on my punch list. This was due to many factors: running into people I know in between venues, my inability to navigate the labyrinth of fences for the “booze garden” and my odd desire to stay after each … [Read more...]

This ‘r That: Katie Costello of Pretty Broken Things

Katie Costello, the heart and soul of local group Pretty Broken Things, may not be a household name quite yet but she's made an impression on many a Seattleite, including yours truly. With a voice that can conjure tears in an instant, it's hard not to fall victim to her enchanting performances time … [Read more...]

Storytime: Ramona Falls’ New Vid

I've talked about the Portland-based Ramona Falls before. It's pretty obvious I have fallen hard for anything that Brent Knopf is involved in. My crush started back in the days of Menomena with its oddly dramatic feel created through a mixture of woodwinds, piano and Knopf's mystically alluring … [Read more...]

Pickathon 2012, Eco-Friendly and Talent Heavy

I will be going to PickathonA�music festival this year, just outside Portland in the very aptly named "Happy Valley" Oregon. The festival takes place on a farm which is just the beginning of the good things about Pickathon. Not only is Neko Case playing (twice), but they have free drinking water (so … [Read more...]

Soaking Up Every Word: Lemolo Releases ‘The Kaleidoscope’

I think everybody was proud of them. Even the people who didn’t know them at all. Even the people who had never come to shows along with the fans who didn’t come to the difficult shows—the ones that were played to empty rooms. I think it took a few songs for proud strangers to adopt the beaming … [Read more...]

Drowning Men and Lets Get Lost Brought Down Tha House

On the suggestion of a few friends, I headed over to Barboza last week for a show that had some of the most unexpected elements—both outstanding and upsetting—of any I've seen this year. First up were locals Let's Get Lost. Despite the piddly crowd, I had a great time watching these guys laugh and … [Read more...]

Nouela Finds Her Comfort Zone

I admit it, I typically don't like solo female artists. As a woman, I've always felt like I was somehow letting the ladies down by disliking most of what I was hearing. With the exception of Ani Difranco, Joni Mitchell and a select few... I just couldn't take it. To my delight, a couple years … [Read more...]

This ‘r That: Pickwick

Can't be positive which of the fellas wrote this one, but I'm pretty sure it's Michael. I just love 'em, you learn so much (and yet so little at the same time). This 'r That 1. Barsuk or Sub Pop: Sub Pop 2. SAM or Frye: Haven't been to either 3. Red Hook or Chateau St. Michelle: N/A drinking … [Read more...]

James Morrison Brings His Smooth Soul to the Neptune

I love me some "guys with soul", so much so that a friend of mine coined that term to describe the majority of my music library. If you're anything like me and looking for your next "guy with soul" fix, look no further than the Neptune Theater where English singer-songwriter James Morrison will be … [Read more...]

Tom Rorem of Lowlands Gives Us the Lowdown

This is a little piece about one of my favorite Seattle bands, Lowlands. (No "The", just "Lowlands".) But first, click play and listen to their first single "Give Me Love". [audio:|titles=Give Me Love|artists=Lowlands] I was introduced … [Read more...]