Bumbershoot ’16 Opening Day: Cautious Optimism

  We were all wondering how Bumbershoot was going to treat us this year. Would it prove to be on the upswing or are we looking at a change to the basic structure and feel that will leave the "old" festival to the history books. The answer: both. It's obvious we're not going to get our … [Read more...]

Unforgettable Night With Muse at Key Arena

Seeing Muse live is about as incredible as you'd think. The massive size of the show, the lights transporting you to another world and the enthusiasm of the fans sweep you up in the insanity. As a photographer I may be separated by a barricade, but the smiles, building anticipation and excitement … [Read more...]

The Day Tony Bennett Made Me Cry

I couldn’t have chosen a better artist for Bumbershoot’s Sunday afternoon Mainstage show. At a mere 86, Tony Bennett is still wowing crowds with his love of music, his strong and velvety voice, and wonderful stories from his over 50 years of music experience. I must admit, I was so excited that I … [Read more...]

Coldplay: Confetti Isn’t Just For The Flaming Lips

The big features of a Flaming Lips show are the human-sized hamster ball for Wayne Coynes "audience walk" and confetti... insane amounts of confetti. When I walked into the photo pit last night small colorful pieces of tissue paper littered the floor, but only in small patches. Then I walked passed … [Read more...]