Enjoying What’s In Front of Me: Doe Bay Fest 2012

Editor's Note: Natalie Kardos is an incredibly talented photographer from San Diego we met through some friends in the music community last year. She shoots beautiful pictures and we are now lucky to call her our neighbor, as she has recently moved to the Pacific Northwest. For her first post, she … [Read more...]

This ‘r That: Katie Costello of Pretty Broken Things

Katie Costello, the heart and soul of local group Pretty Broken Things, may not be a household name quite yet but she's made an impression on many a Seattleite, including yours truly. With a voice that can conjure tears in an instant, it's hard not to fall victim to her enchanting performances time … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Broken Things

Broken things are the most wonderful things. There are many things things I love that wouldn't be as sentimental without that scratch, that fade, that tear or that crack; they bring to mind the full history of the cherished keepsake. In people and in art, I look for the broken, the blemished, the … [Read more...]