Enjoying What’s In Front of Me: Doe Bay Fest 2012

Editor's Note: Natalie Kardos is an incredibly talented photographer from San Diego we met through some friends in the music community last year. She shoots beautiful pictures and we are now lucky to call her our neighbor, as she has recently moved to the Pacific Northwest. For her first post, she … [Read more...]

How Ani DiFranco Helped Me Get Over Myself

As a freshman at a women’s college in 2003, I fancied myself a neo-feminist, neo-liberal, neo-woman. I read articles about the dismal position of women in the world, and then quoted them, like an asshole, in conversations that had nothing to do with these articles. Naturally, the next step after … [Read more...]

Blatantly Violating WAC 458-20-183: Reptar, Quiet Hooves and The West Descend on Ballard

The Tractor is gonna lose its shit on Saturday night. At least, if Seattle can get over itself for long enough to enjoy three bands which have caused a lot of people across the country to lose their collective shit, in a dancing all over the place and sweating on each other unabashedly, sort of way. … [Read more...]

It’s Just a Little Crush: Seattle Falls for Deep Sea Diver

Tonight might get a little awkward, so there’s one thing you should remember as Jessica Dobson takes the stage with her band of beautiful, clean-cut men: she’s married, okay? So just back off. I saw Deep Sea Diver (DSD) for the first time in December when they opened for Campfire OK and Pickwick … [Read more...]