Vid: “Violins and Violence” by Knives at Noon

While scouring the net for new music to see at SXSW (yup, IRW is schlepping down to Austin, traversing insanely packed venues and avoiding general debauchery at this year's fest) I came across a band out of New Zealand called Knives at Noon. Partially because their name kicks butt and partially … [Read more...]

This ‘r That: Hot Bodies in Motion

Hot Bodies in Motion have had quite a successful year in 2011. They had an exclusively new song in a major motion picture, they've headlined venues throughout the Seattle area and gained quite the fan base to boot. We can't wait to see what happens this year as they set out on tour and who knows … [Read more...]

Vid: Yuna Mixes Up Some Old Nirvana and New Electronica

  There are a lot of bands out there, mostly in the last ten years (after a "respectful" amount of time had passed) that attempted to cover Nirvana songs. Rarely (if ever) do I remember actually enjoying them enough to hear it all the way through. Then some magic entered our email here at … [Read more...]