Bumbershoot 2012: Tara’s Game Plan

This year’s Bumbershoot, as most years, is an eclectic array of bands, comedians, film and performances of all kinds. While I’m mostly looking forward to the music, I’m always excited for the extras that this Seattle fest has to offer. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the festival, the music and … [Read more...]

Kimbra is Coming! Kimbra is Coming!

When people think of Kimbra, they probably associate her with another recent sensation from Down Under, Gotye. Most people first heard her as the female voice that speaks out in the second half of his song about modern heartbreak, “Somebody That I Used To Know.” Both artists rose to fame quickly … [Read more...]

Gotye Has Everyone Moving, and I Mean Everyone

Even the most subdued and sour-faced attendee at the Showbox Sodo Tuesday night ended up bobbing their heads and shifting to the beat as Gotye entertained every last member of the sold out crowd. Shifting and head bobbing is the official dance of Seattlites (proclaimed the country-wide as the least … [Read more...]