Capitol Hill Block Party vs Timber (Everyone Wins)

This weekend we are covering two festivals at once. It's not the first time we've attempted such a feat but it is the first time that the city of Seattle has been so "split" along with us. Timber Music Festival is in its inaugural year attempting to bring a Doe Bay Festival feel to the mainland and … [Read more...]

Bumbershoot 2012: Tara’s Game Plan

This year’s Bumbershoot, as most years, is an eclectic array of bands, comedians, film and performances of all kinds. While I’m mostly looking forward to the music, I’m always excited for the extras that this Seattle fest has to offer. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the festival, the music and … [Read more...]

Mates of State Double Header at the Tractor

Mates of State (MOS) started off their Ballard-based double header with a bang. It may not have been packed to the rafters, but for a Thursday night and the first of two shows at the same venue... there were plenty of fans to be found shimmying the night away to the fun, upbeat tunes. The opener … [Read more...]