Leathan Milne with a Prize Ending.

Since watching Leathan Milne open for Gregory Alan Isakov two days ago I have listened to his album on non-stop repeat.  This  A) gives it my highest possible rating of share-worthiness and B) leaves me further questioning where exactly I sit on the scale of obsessive compulsion.  But enough about … [Read more...]

Regina Spektor: What I Saw from a “Not-so-cheap” Seat

“Can you take song requests?!” yelled a fan from the audience of the packed Paramount Theatre. “I have a setlist... here’s proof,” Regina Spektor meekly stated, showing the long set-list to the crowd. Upon further insistence from the fan, she continues, “That's a no. I’m trying  to be polite, but … [Read more...]

A Little Devil Never Hurts: The Local Strangers Release a New EP

Ok, full disclosure, we've known Matt, Aubrey, Katrina, Justin and Melissa aka The Local Strangers for a while now. Their music, fun attitude and penchant for adventure drew us to them immediately. Not to mention we saw them every Sunday at Conor Byrne's open mic, so it would have been awkward if we … [Read more...]