‘No Diggity’ Locals Roundup

So Blackstreet is headed to Seattle this week. Yea, that Blackstreet. Over the last couple years, covering their song "No Diggity" has become a thing in this town (perhaps other towns too, but I'm only privy to the trend in this one). The first time I heard it uttered by a local was a set by Hot … [Read more...]

The Gang’s Back Together: Acoustic Night at Neumos

There's been a shift in the music scene lately, have you felt it? In the heady days of The Head and the Heart (HATH), Hey Marseilles, Campfire OK and Bryan John Appleby we couldn't get enough of the "americana" sound. Now it's almost a punchline as we're gnashing our teeth and wishing for something … [Read more...]

A Seattle Tribute to Jeff Buckley Tonight at the Crocodile

File this under: A one-time event you won't want to miss. Tonight, the Crocodile will be taken over by some serious talent in a tribute to the late, great Jeff Buckley (this show is also featured on the official website. Check it out!). The evening will be a benefit to support Seattle Rock … [Read more...]

Touched by Angels: A Review of the Band Elk and Boar

Elk and Boar are a religious experience for anyone that loves music for the pure emotion it provides. Their music is felt in your chest, it catches in your throat and as you're about to cry they put a smile on your face. You can’t help but clap, stomp and sing along. The songs are so personal, … [Read more...]