Treefort Festival, Here I Come

I'm talking to you from a coffee shop in Boise, ID. I'm taking it easy and writing down a few thoughts before I throw myself into the madness that every music festival I've been a part of has at its core. Boise is place I had only briefly driven through and never actually visited until today. I … [Read more...]

Matt Bishop of Hey Marseilles — Why You Should Buy New Album ‘Lines We Trace’

Seattle band Hey Marseilles is one of the most unique and beloved groups in the city, thanks to their graceful melodies and hypnotizing string arrangements. Although the band has been around for several years, they don't have a whole lotta material out. So, you can imagine my delight that they will … [Read more...]

Bumbershoot 2012: Tara’s Game Plan

This year’s Bumbershoot, as most years, is an eclectic array of bands, comedians, film and performances of all kinds. While I’m mostly looking forward to the music, I’m always excited for the extras that this Seattle fest has to offer. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the festival, the music and … [Read more...]

Doe Bay Fest 5 Announcement Party & Line Up

Last night, a couple hundred people gathered at The Tractor to find out who was playing Doe Bay Festival 5. It's been over a month since we bought our tickets—tickets hard won and without a guarantee of what entertainment would await us come August. Throughout the night, the crowd was treated to … [Read more...]

It’s Just a Little Crush: Seattle Falls for Deep Sea Diver

Tonight might get a little awkward, so there’s one thing you should remember as Jessica Dobson takes the stage with her band of beautiful, clean-cut men: she’s married, okay? So just back off. I saw Deep Sea Diver (DSD) for the first time in December when they opened for Campfire OK and Pickwick … [Read more...]