A Chat With Melodie of Campfire OK

I sat down last week with musician (and friend) Melodie Knight from Campfire OK to talk about the band’s show this Friday at The Crocodile. I partnered up with Morgen and we captured the inside scoop on the band, their upcoming show, why Melodie thinks conversations are an essential part of the … [Read more...]

Spring Standards and Rhett Miller, A Beautifull Combo

I am continually surprised by shows I see at the Crocodile,  including Rhett Miller's set a couple weeks ago. He was happy about the newly remodeled space, but Miller seemed starry-eyed at his KEXP in-studio earlier this month, when he mentioned that he had his first Seattle show at the Croc many … [Read more...]

Rhett Miller and His Pretty Face Grace The Crocodile

You may not know Rhett Miller by name, but he's been making music for the past twenty three years. It's possible that you know his face, it's beautiful... I really like looking at it (and his hair is amazing, what kind of shampoo does he use?!). If his name still doesn't ring a bell, it's possibly … [Read more...]

A Quick Chat With We Are Serenades

I had a chance to shoot Adam Olenius and Markus Krunegard of We Are Serenades an email and ask them some pertinent (and not so pertinent) questions about their relationship, new album and tour. If their responses are any indication, I have a feeling we're in for a lot of fun tomorrow at the … [Read more...]

Win Tickets to We Are Serenades at Crocodile

The Swedish group We Are Serenades, made up of Adam Olenius and Markus Krunegard, is headed to the Crocodile on Monday. We will soon be dropping an interview with the duo to let you know a bit more about the men behind the music. To give you some background, Adam has been a part of The Shout Out … [Read more...]

Backing Vocals: First Aid Kit Soothes the Crocodile

We love to get people excited about shows through previews, interviews and such. We also love to write about the shows we attend, rehashing the magic, lamenting things that went wrong, and all things in between. Turns out, so do our friends. So, we have created a new category of posts we"re going to … [Read more...]

Bombay Bicycle Club Thrashed the Crocodile

In classic Brit Rock style, Bombay Bicycle Club absolutely annihilated the sold out crowd on Saturday night at the Crocodile. It started off with the sweet, demure Lucy Rose spotlights blaring as the rest of the room was dark. Acoustic guitar in hand and gentle demeanor hushed the front of the … [Read more...]