Bumbershoot Beyond the Music

There's plenty of coverage for this year's Bumbershoot Music Festival up on the interwebs discussing the best musical sets to catch or the local acts that deserve your attention, and we'll absolutely be blabbing all about those things throughout the festival and beyond as well. For our preview … [Read more...]

Steven Tyler Packs Them in at McCaw Hall

I purposefully kept away from any reviews of the first show (in LA earlier this week) of Steven Tyler's Out On A Limb tour before heading out to McCaw Hall yesterday to see him perform. Having only been a passive Aerosmith fan in their heyday (though who could resist "Walk This Way" or singing along … [Read more...]

Sasquatchin’ Day 4: Thanks For All The Memories

It’s day four, are you spent? I think I may need a kick in the pants, or some early afternoon ROCK AND ROLL! Thunderpussy Molly Sides and the rest of Thunderpussy strolled out onto the main stage glistening in skin tight threads. As the fog machines roared to life with the first lines from … [Read more...]

Josh Ritter: The Man of Teeth and Tales with Gregory Alan Isakov

If you were sitting in the last row of the balcony of the Neptune Theater on last week, I’m 100% certain that even you were blinded by Josh Ritter’s toothy grin. The excitable singer-songwriter smiled wide as he bounced through tales from his extensive catalog. This acoustic tour featured two fellow … [Read more...]

Torres Takes Seattle: Nashville’s Mackenzie Scott on Sharing Stages and Broken A/C

A while back, on the last day of January 2013, I found a singer called Torres and fell in love. I wrote about it for Inside Right Wrist and then, unlike most entries, never forgot about it. The music, written and sung by Nashville artist Mackenzie Scott under the moniker Torres, is the kind that … [Read more...]

Bonobo: A Name in Lights

Last Thursday, I braved a school night to watch Bonobo perform a sold out live set at the Showbox Market. My friend Ashley accompanied me because, as everyone knows, concerts are more fun plus one. Upon checking our coats and grabbing a couple of drinks, we scoped out the rest of venue for a prime … [Read more...]

Neumos Takes a Trip with Chris Robinson Brotherhood

It was the Saturday following Thanksgiving, after the frantic holiday preparations, massive feasts, food coma, and black Friday craziness had passed. It was also time to hit the music venues for a night of kickin' back and actually enjoying time with family and friends.  This particular night, the … [Read more...]

2Tone Skanking @ The Showbox with The English Beat!

The Beat, The English Beat, The British Beat or just Dave Wakeling, wherever you are and whatever you call them, this band is all about the “2 Tone” British ska movement of the late 70’s and early 80’s. The distinct and party-inducing voice of Dave Wakeling fronts the US version of the band, The … [Read more...]

Brooklyn in the Howth

I caught up with Brooklyn band Howth as I sat in line for the ferry to Doe Bay. The five piece band was driving the stretch between Los Angeles and Oakland, a couple weeks into their month-long cross-country tour. Aviva Stampfer, keyboarder/glockenspieler/vocalist for the band, filled me in on the … [Read more...]

After All These Years, Warped Is Still Worth Your Saturday

Editor's Note: Heather is headed down to the Vans Warped Tour today with her son. They both had a part in this post and we look forward to what they both have to say (and show us) about the aftermath. Since 1995, “Vans Warped Tour” has brought many different bands together to play in one amazing … [Read more...]