Andrew McMahon Still Brings Out the Fans

Andrew McMahon played to an enthusiastic crowd last Tuesday at the Showbox, singing songs from both of his former bands Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate, as well as a few new ones that will be released on his new project The Pop Underground EP April 30th. The night began with the smooth … [Read more...]

Life After Labels: Andrew McMahon Headlines the Showbox

If you’ve ever woken up in a car, kissed a drunk girl or just needed a holiday from reality, Andrew McMahon has a song that’s got you covered. The recently independent artist is stepping away from his former bands and record labels and playing under a new moniker: his own name. Although it may not … [Read more...]

Bumbershoot 2012: Tara’s Game Plan

This year’s Bumbershoot, as most years, is an eclectic array of bands, comedians, film and performances of all kinds. While I’m mostly looking forward to the music, I’m always excited for the extras that this Seattle fest has to offer. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the festival, the music and … [Read more...]


Let's take a trip to a little place south of downtown, in the heart of Rainier Valley called Columbia City. Don't be afraid, all you north-enders—try it out, you'll like it. Hey, you could even take the bus downtown and ride the clean and efficient light rail all the way there. Once inside, you will … [Read more...]