Gleason Fest Promised Something Real and Delivered

Gleason Fest came with much anticipation this year with a heavy lineup and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge paving the way for a big turnout; and it definitely delivered!  Saturday afternoon came around and people were trickling in greeted with smiles and often hugs. There was an air of reunion … [Read more...]

CHBP or How I Learned to Navigate Drunk Idiots

Another Capitol Hill Block Party has come and gone, and as usual I was unable to see all the acts on my punch list. This was due to many factors: running into people I know in between venues, my inability to navigate the labyrinth of fences for the “booze garden” and my odd desire to stay after each … [Read more...]

Drowning Men and Lets Get Lost Brought Down Tha House

On the suggestion of a few friends, I headed over to Barboza last week for a show that had some of the most unexpected elements—both outstanding and upsetting—of any I've seen this year. First up were locals Let's Get Lost. Despite the piddly crowd, I had a great time watching these guys laugh and … [Read more...]

Vid: The Drowning Men’s “Disorder Here We Come”

Tonight at Barboza, The Drowning Men are hitting the stage. We came across this little gem of a video and wanted to share it. If you love old sea-based movies and fun rock music, you're in for a treat. Check it out and then head to Barboza tonight to see 'em in person along with River City Extension … [Read more...]

Slap Yourself for Missing Willis Earl Beal. Shame On You.

So when I said that you should hit up Barboza's inaugural musical spectacle I meant it. Oh man, did you miss what has to be one of the most underrated shows of the year. There were a mere 50-60 people in attendance in the new venue below the well-known Neumos. Many seemed to have a fascination with … [Read more...]

Down & Dirty at Barboza with Willis Earl Beal

I'm excited to head out for a night of music tomorrow for several reasons. First and foremost my destination is the newest music venue in town, Barboza. I've read a few press releases but have no idea what to expect as far as look and feel. Maybe we'll have to set up a little photo sesh of the new … [Read more...]