The Gang’s Back Together: Acoustic Night at Neumos

There's been a shift in the music scene lately, have you felt it? In the heady days of The Head and the Heart (HATH), Hey Marseilles, Campfire OK and Bryan John Appleby we couldn't get enough of the "americana" sound. Now it's almost a punchline as we're gnashing our teeth and wishing for something … [Read more...]

Sondre Lerche Rocks The Croc — Norwegian Style

If there was a word to describe Norwegian singer-songwriter Sondre Lerche's recent set at The Crocodile, it would be — unexpected. Maybe "delightful," "raucous," "charming"... we could go on and on about how wonderful he was, and those who were packed in next to us on that night would probably agree … [Read more...]

I Fight Dragons… With Vampires?

After waiting in the press room for another band that didn't show, I was determined to get an interview with some other band; even if it was a band I didn't get to see perform during the festival. I decided to bite the bullet and (with some encouragement from one of the press production managers), I … [Read more...]

An interview with lead singer Travis Clark of We The Kings

For the current members of We The Kings (founding members Travis Clark, Hunter Thomsen, Danny Duncan and newest members Coley O’Toole and Charles Trippy), Warped Tour has been an experience of playing to huge crowds at different times of day. It’s a grueling schedule because their set times vary … [Read more...]

Honcho’s Quick Lesson: The Art of Booking a Show

Editor's Note: Honcho wrote this up last Sunday so take your mind in a Tardis or Delorean back to Easter. The act of booking a show is an interesting dance. The artist wants the best possible date and venue, while the venue wants the acts that fill up the room and spend plenty at the bar. That … [Read more...]

This ‘r That: Ravenna Woods

This installment is from the boys of Ravenna Woods. Apparently they don't care much for cupcakes or comics, but they have some other thoughts that may surprise you. RW: here you go! some of them i didn't decide on for various reasons... thanks for including us! 1. Barsuk or Sub Pop 2. SAM or … [Read more...]