Though Seattle’s music community was already singing its praises, Phantogram didn’t catch my attention until recently while listening to local favorite KEXP on my radio dial. As per usual, KEXP plays an awesome song and I look up said song on cell phone while avoiding traffic accident. Thankful for … [Read more...]

Feed Me a Line: Andrew Stonestreet of Greylag

Editor's Note: One of our talented photographers, Megan Kumakura, has an incredible knack for chatter. What I mean is, she sits down near any one person and she creates an instant bond and friendship that puts them at ease and opens them up. It's a gift that we're lucky enough to incorporate into a … [Read more...]

Life After Labels: Andrew McMahon Headlines the Showbox

If you’ve ever woken up in a car, kissed a drunk girl or just needed a holiday from reality, Andrew McMahon has a song that’s got you covered. The recently independent artist is stepping away from his former bands and record labels and playing under a new moniker: his own name. Although it may not … [Read more...]

A Night at Neumos Filled With Hot Bodies

One of the greatest  things about following the local music scene so closely is watching bands grow. Seeing the groups that have so much potential move into their own and find that sweet spot. Hot Bodies in Motion (HBIM) has been around for about four years and we've been watching since the … [Read more...]

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at Bumbershoot

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are super sweet and their music is light and fun. Just what you'd expect if someone describes a band as "pop". A little bit rock, a little eighties synth and a lead male vocalist using a slightly higher-than-typical pitch. You can almost see the black and white album … [Read more...]

Brooklyn in the Howth

I caught up with Brooklyn band Howth as I sat in line for the ferry to Doe Bay. The five piece band was driving the stretch between Los Angeles and Oakland, a couple weeks into their month-long cross-country tour. Aviva Stampfer, keyboarder/glockenspieler/vocalist for the band, filled me in on the … [Read more...]


Let's take a trip to a little place south of downtown, in the heart of Rainier Valley called Columbia City. Don't be afraid, all you north-enders—try it out, you'll like it. Hey, you could even take the bus downtown and ride the clean and efficient light rail all the way there. Once inside, you will … [Read more...]

Blue Foundation: Music Vids Aren’t Always About Their Music

For the first handful of seconds watching Blue Foundation's video for "Broken Life", I was reminded of Patton Oswalt's bit about a man he encountered at an open mic self-dubbed "Dr. Pepper." If you know what i'm talking about you're already laughing; if not, then watch it and then you'll be … [Read more...]

The Naked and Famous Sure to Get Seattle Grooving

Undeniably, it’s the year of the international superstar. Between Australia’s Gotye, to Iceland’s Of Monsters and Men, to France’s M83, there’s no denying the musical chops that have infiltrated borders. But make room for New Zealand’s Naked and Famous on that list. With their kiwi brand of … [Read more...]

Debbie Miller’s EP Release at Columbia City

[Read more...]