Living Non-Fiction: Tai Shan tells her story

"I saw the house burning and it was such a wake-up call,"¬†Tai Shan recounts¬†as we sit peacefully in Wallingford's Fuel Coffee. Tai was just 15 years old when she returned to her childhood home to find it burning to the ground, all because of a normal stick of incense and a rogue ember. Luckily no … [Read more...]

Rhett Miller and His Pretty Face Grace The Crocodile

You may not know Rhett Miller by name, but he's been making music for the past twenty three years. It's possible that you know his face, it's beautiful... I really like looking at it (and his hair is amazing, what kind of shampoo does he use?!). If his name still doesn't ring a bell, it's possibly … [Read more...]