This ‘r That: Jason Dodson of the Maldives

This or That is a series I dreamt up a while ago. It’s a list of Seattle area “rivalries” that I made up and asked a few musicians around town to choose their favorite from each pairing. A few of them have been posted on Seattlest, but there was a bit of a stockpile that went unused. This is truly a shame and I’m glad I now have a place to let the public see them. The saying goes “save the best for last” but I say screw that, why not start with my favorite!

Jason Dodson was nice enough to give us with a few of his local choices… with explanations. So far I’m pretty sure this one is my favorite of the bunch.

Jason Dodson of the Maldives

Jason Dodson of the Maldives

This or That

Normally, I wouldn’t try to pit “this” against “that.” I try to remain a-political about these kind of things. But . . . who am I kidding?! Of course I will! Answers below.

1. Barsuk or Sub Pop: I plead the fifth.
2. SAM or Frye: They put together a mean film series.
3. Red Hook or Chateau St. Michelle: I’m allergic to wheat, so wine is fine. And classy!
4. Paramount or the Moore: I like them both equally. Though, I may lean towards the Moore. It is a bit spooky, and closer to the Nite Lite!
5. Northgate or SODO: Sodo, duh.
6. Light Rail or Metro Bus: I have yet to ride the Light Rail, so . . . Light Rail.
7. KEXP or The End: Do you even have to ask this? KEXP!
8. Sonic Boom or Easy Street: I love them both.
9. I-5 or Aurora: Aurora does have that nice stretch of road near Woodland Park. Aurora!
10. Pike Place or neighborhood farmer’s market: I get all my belts and wallets at Marakesh in Pike Place, but I’ll have to go with my neighborhood farmer’s market, simply because I don’t have to fight to find parking.
11. Vivace or Vita: I don’t even drink coffee, but the folks at Vita are awfully nice.
12. Stranger or Seattle Weekly: I like them both, for very different reasons!
13. Archie Mcphee or Top Ten Toys: Archie McPhee. It is located in the old Wallingford liquor store!
14. Zanadu or Arcane: I never learned to read comics.
15. Trophy or Cupcake Royale: Do either of these have a gluten free cupcake? If so, they get my vote!
16. Greenlake or Lake Union: Meh.
17. UW or WSU: Go Dawgs!
18. Gasworks or Golden Gardens: Golden Gardens. Not enough low rider trucks at Gasworks.
19. Dick’s or Red Mill: Dick’s. Saying “Red Mill” aloud isn’t nearly as funny.
20. Top Pot or Voodoo Donuts: Donuts are evil. So I can’t make up my mind.
21. Vancouver or Portland: Vancouver, WA? Or Vancouver, BC? Either way, Vancouver.
22. Space Needle or Smith Tower: Smith Tower, because my friend got married there.
23. Fremont Troll or SAM’s Blacksmith: The Blue Moon’s Hammered-Man!
24. Cha Cha or Unicorn: What?
25. Broadway or Market: Market Street.
26. Huskies or Redhawks: What in the hell is a Redhawk? Huskies!
27. Jive Time or Bop Street: Love them both.
28. Beth’s or Hurricane: Hurricane, because it has booze.
29. Columbia City or Georgetown: Oooh, tough one. Columbia City. (Not that tough).
30. Ichiro or Hernandez: Ichiro!
31. Columbia City Cinema or the Admiral Theater: Never been to either.
32. Crocodile or Neumos: Don’t make me answer this.
33. Belltown or Pioneer’s Square: Belltown does have great sushi joints.
34. Hot Mamas or Piecora’s: I can’t eat pizza. 🙁
35. Woodland Park Zoo or Seattle Aquarium: Woodland Park Zoo. They have free concerts in the Summer.
36. Volunteer Park or Lincoln Park: Huh?
37. Northgate Target or Westwood Target: All Targets are the same. Is one of these a Super Target?
38. George and Dragon or Brouwer’s: You should really be asking about the preference of bathroom between these two.
39. Ballard or West Seattle: Ballard! (duh)

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