This ‘r That: Hot Bodies in Motion

Hot Bodies in Motion have had quite a successful year in 2011. They had an exclusively new song in a major motion picture, they’ve headlined venues throughout the Seattle area and gained quite the fan base to boot. We can’t wait to see what happens this year as they set out on tour and who knows what else. A while back they dropped us their favorite local picks.

This ‘r That

1. Barsuk or Sub Pop
2. SAM or Frye
3. Red Hook or Chateau St. Michelle
4. Paramount or the Moore
5. Northgate or SODO
6. Light Rail or Metro Bus
7. KEXP or The End: KEXP won’t play our music.  The End.
8. Sonic Boom or Easy Street
9. I-5 or Aurora
10. Pike Place or neighborhood farmer’s market
11. Vivace or Vita
12. Stranger or Seattle Weekly
13. Archie Mcphee or Top Ten Toys: Wallingford pride.  Shh. Don’t tell Ballard.
15. Trophy or Cupcake Royale
16. Greenlake or Lake Union
17. UW or WSU:
We’re musicians. ALTERNATE ANSWER – If we’re going off mascots that would win in the wild, then cougars would definitely kick some Husky ass. However, if we’re going off anything else (i.e. sporting events), definitely the Huskies.
18. Gasworks or Golden Gardens
19. Dick’s or Red Mill: Again, we live in Wallingford.  Easy choice.
20. Top Pot or Voodoo Donuts: Bacon Maple Bar, FTW.
21. Vancouver or Portland: Portland, but only because they put birds on things.
22. Space Needle or Smith Tower
23. Fremont Troll or SAM’s Blacksmith: This one is easy.  Can you climb on the blacksmith?  Didn’t think so.
24. Cha Cha or Unicorn
25. Broadway or Market: La Isla and Matador? Yes please.
26. Huskies or Redhawks
27. Jive Time or Bop Street
28. Beth’s or Hurricane
29. Columbia City or Georgetown: Georgetown is the new black. I mean, Capitol Hill.
30. Ichiro or Hernandez
31. Columbia City Cinema or the Admiral Theater
32. Crocodile or Neumos
33. Belltown or Pioneer Square: Artwalk? Yes, please.
34. Hot Mamas or Piecora’s: Let’s break this down in logic terms. If we’re drunk, pizza tastes amazing. If we’re located in the nucleus of Seattle’s dance scene, we’re probably drunk. Therefore, Hot Mama’s pizza is the BEST. Modus ponens.
35. Woodland Park Zoo or Seattle Aquarium: Land animals are rad.
36. Volunteer Park or Lincoln Park: Volunteer is our favorite place in Seattle to reenact scenes from Rapunzel.
37. Northgate Target or Westwood Target: Express ramp into the store?  This is brilliant.
38. George and Dragon or Brouwer’s: Beer is amazing, and having more of it on tap is always better.
39. Ballard or West Seattle


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