Bey oh Bey, You Had Us From the Minute You Stepped on Stage


Beyonce. Beyonce. I woke up this morning and I couldn’t believe that today, I was going to see Bey.

Because the world is unfair, not all days of a Beyonce concert also include a day off, I had to work. The day slogged on in my no-windows back office. But finally, it was time to go to Safeco Field for the show, which was a dual headliner for Bey and Jay.

I slathered on gold eyeshadow, whipped my hair into a toptail, and went to meet the crew. We stopped for a drink in Pioneer Square and watched waves of similarly blinged out girls rolling through the streets ready for their dreams to come true.

Thanks to the shining powers of glory that are PR folks, I was hooked up with a killer floor seat. The lines for beer (I can’t imagine a less “jump around and dance and sing to Beyonce songs” drink than that) were stretching with boyfriends, nary a girl in sight. I waited and took two glasses of wine to my seat.

The concert. So. I don’t know how to talk about it. First, let’s say that it was huge and full of bright lights and amazing dancing and… It was everything you’d hope to have. The famous twins danced. Jay-Z sort of danced. Bey strutted a catwalk with her dancers. And the crowd lost their damn minds.

Let’s address the elephant: yes, I wondered the entire concert if Jay was cheating on Bey like the rumors said. I watched to see the tear well dramatically in her eye, any sign of problems at home; I wasn’t alone. Are they splitting? Who knows, but together, they make a power couple.

One thing a little bit strange: it was as if Jay was her hype man. He’d come out of the floor or out of the shadows and start one of his well-known songs. Then 54 problems into 99, the song would stop, he’d fade away, and the crowd — previously singing or rapping along to Jay’s songs — screamed. Out walked Beyonce and the energy hit the roof. Is that what he’s been reduced to? You have to wonder if he’s doing this to make up for transgressions, putting her in the forefront instead of taking some glory for himself. For whatever reason, Bey shined with the heat of a thousand suns and we soaked it up like a rare 80 degree Seattle day.

Throughout the set, there were pauses in songs for videos of J & B in full Bonnie & Clyde mode. Bandanas, guns, and all. Obviously a way to lead into the next song or allow Beyonce a moment to catch her breath or slip into that next costume.  Whatever the reason, whether there’s trouble or not at home, they murdered on the stage and we cannot wait until the next trip back so we can scream and dance and sing the night away again.

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