‘No Diggity’ Locals Roundup

So Blackstreet is headed to Seattle this week. Yea, that Blackstreet. Over the last couple years, covering their song “No Diggity” has become a thing in this town (perhaps other towns too, but I’m only privy to the trend in this one). The first time I heard it uttered by a local was a set by Hot Bodies in Motion at the GuerrillaCandy launch party a few years ago. They absolutely obliterate the audience every time they play it. Here’s a video of that launch party set, and though their lineup may have changed a little since then… they still make the ladies swoon with this cover.

Next time it reared its head was, believe it or not, at Doe Bay Festival 2011. Travis Barker of Elk and Boar and Jake Hemming of Big Sur were sitting around a campfire with about 40-60 other people in the dead of night just noodling around on the guitar… then all of a sudden Travis busted out with “aye yo aye yo aye yo aye yoooooo” and Jake chimed in right along with him. Unfortunately that perfect moment in time wasn’t caught on tape but it will forever be one of my favorite memories of any Doe Bay Festival.

In my continued search for locals covering “diggity”, I found this little gem by Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground featuring Katie Kate. Holy shit talk about swagger. All I can imagine  while this song is playing is lead singer Kirk Huffman sauntering down Broadway donning white dress jacket, red button-up shirt, white dress slacks and white patent leather shoes with this song flowing from his lips like dripping honey. Let’s just say I hope they play a show again soon so I can even hope to see it performed live. Wow.

There have been several other bands since then to jump on the diggity bandwagon and I’m sure there will be more to come, it’s just a damn good song. A not-so-local musician Chet Faker, with a soulful and swaggering voice, does a beautiful rendition of his own that I’ve dropped below for your listening pleasure. IRW’s lovely and talented writer Brianna is headed to the show at Showbox Sodo this Friday and will have the low down on how well they’ve managed to span the years since “No Diggity” hit #1 in ’96.

Teddy Riley/Blackstreet @ Showbox SODO
May 10th – 9:30pm (doors 8:30pm)
Tickets: $37.50/$40 dos

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