A Little Devil Never Hurts: The Local Strangers Release a New EP

The Local Strangers

The Local Strangers

Ok, full disclosure, we’ve known Matt, Aubrey, Katrina, Justin and Melissa aka The Local Strangers for a while now. Their music, fun attitude and penchant for adventure drew us to them immediately. Not to mention we saw them every Sunday at Conor Byrne’s open mic, so it would have been awkward if we didn’t at least say hi.

Their maturity as a band, a duo and individual musicians has been an interesting learning experience for me; I’ve never had the opportunity to watch a musician grow into his or her own sound before. Their story is unique to them but an age old one as well. Boy and girl meet, make music, and… don’t fall in love. Wait, nevermind, this might be a little different. The chemistry they have on stage is just that, musical chemistry, but they have hit a groove in the past year that really solidified their relationship as songwriters and the sound of the entire band.

The addition of electric guitar by the newest member, Mike DeBenedictis, has brought a grittier sound that really brings out the sass in Aubrey’s voice. The first time I heard their unreleased bluesy song “Mr. Blackberry” (hit up their show this Saturday at Q Cafe and you may be lucky enough to hear it) I knew they’d really hit on something good. “Devil and a Stiff Drink” from the new EP Devils and Ghosts has that same feeling; they get down and dirty and you just want to head down there with them. For the unbelievable price of your email address you can get these two songs for your very own. Just head over to their site and they’re all yours.

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