8 Things to Look Forward to at Treefort Music Festival 2014

Hollow Wood at Treefort Festival 2013

Hollow Wood at Treefort Festival 2013

Treefort Music Festival is coming to Boise March 20-23, and we’re counting down the minutes.

Morgen and I went last year, for the Fest’s second year in existence, and I couldn’t have asked for more fun, entertainment, and random weather patterns to keep things interesting. Though Treefort was so young, it was already run better than many other festivals with more notches in their belts.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to this year:

1. The festival friends. Everyone I met last year in Boise was so nice, I honestly thought they were kidding. The first person I met was a volunteer at The Red Room, Jarae, and she gave me a half dozen suggestions of local bands to see. We ended up becoming friends, running around catching everyone from Stickers to Sage Francis, all over town. When I left, we stayed in touch and I can’t wait to reconnect.

2. And all the other people in Boise. The Idahoans (just that name alone is pretty great) we met were all welcoming. (All of them, except for the few less awesome people around the college bars in downtown Boise.) Some were surprised we traveled from Seattle to Boise for a music festival, and kept asking how we liked it. Obvi, it was easy to say nice things.

3. The huge lineup. With over 200 bands playing this year, it’s impossible to see everything. But I’ll try my darndest…

4. The food! Boise isn’t exactly known for being a culinary destination, but there are a few incredible food choices in town. Bleubird serves up incredible sandwiches, soups, salads, and sodas, all made from scratch. Served on wooden boards with wooden cutlery, it sits squarely on the edge of twee, with the married owners splitting kitchen/bar/cashier duties. Calle 75 food truck debuted a special last year called the Chan Chan Torta, made with carnitas, spinach sauteed with garlic, queso fresco, avocado, and served on a local challah bun. It’s the best thing ever and I ate five last year. I’m not ashamed to admit it. This year, Calle returns and is joined by over a half dozen other trucks.

5. The new venues. The gritty, dark, excellent Red Room closed (RIP!) but there are even more venues this year. El Korah Shrine, Neurolux, The Crux, the Linen Building, China Blue, The Reef, and Pengilly’s Saloon are among the repeats, but with so many bands playing, they had to expand to The Bouquet, Grainey’s and others.

6. Cheap drinks. So cheap. So cheap, you guys. Wells run from $3-4 around town, with call drinks usually like six bucks. It’s dangerous.

7. Unpredictable weather. Some music festivals pride themselves on being set in an environment with flawless weather, usually just straight sunshine from dawn to dusk. And then there’s Treefort, which doesn’t give a shit about things like that. While most of the music takes place in bars, running around town between them requires plenty of trekking through the elements, and the Mainstage is fully exposed. Last year, it snowed while Pickwick was setting up, through Deep Sea Diver, and was freezing during The Walkmen’s epic set. But instead of wimping out, everyone seemed to be energized by the 25 degree weather.

8. Cushy digs. Last year, my travel buddy found an adorable little cottage a dozen blocks from downtown on Airbnb. Boise has plenty of hotels and motels, like The Modern, Safari Inn, and Hotel 43, all of which are located close to the music and none are too expensive. But if you want your own space, and room to recover from the wild festival nights, check out a room or house online.

Are you going to Treefort? What are you most looking forward to? Hit the comments!

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