Unforgettable Night With Muse at Key Arena

Seeing Muse live is about as incredible as you’d think. The massive size of the show, the lights transporting you to another world and the enthusiasm of the fans sweep you up in the insanity. As a photographer I may be separated by a barricade, but the smiles, building anticipation and excitement that the fans experience hits us like a tsunami wave. Before you know it, that smile is plastered on your face as well and your heart is thumping faster. The lights are thrown to black and the roar that overtakes the room is violent and thrilling.

The openers, Band of Skulls, weren’t too shabby either. They have a great sound, but just hard to really get a feel for it in such a huge room. It’s hard to fill that space as a trio with no insane light display. I will say the drummer is a maniac.

I wasn’t able to stay for the whole show, such is the life of a photographer (shoot your songs, then get out) but the time I spent there was magical. Using that word seems so cheesy and cliche but why not? Because it absolutely was. You should see for yourself (or relive it) just how epic they were.


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