Unforgettable Evening with TMBG (and Their Puppets)

They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants put on a stellar show at Showbox Sodo last Thursday, fitting a seemingly impossible amount of hit songs from their 30-year-spanning catalog into one evening of unmatchable energy. Old and new songs alike were greeted with ample enthusiasm, while breaks were filled with witty banter that had the audience roaring with laughter.

A half-time puppet show in which the bands’ puppet “avatars” got a chance to show of their musical prowess was a highlight as they sangs about being “loco” for reasons such as “writing fan fiction about 2 and a Half Men”. The evening ended with two encores, and although the audience would have gladly stayed for a few more. The show this band puts on is a spectacular experience that everyone should have a chance to experience. So, don’t miss them the next time they come around town.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the opening act, Moon Hooch, just a bit as well. You never know how unknown opening acts will turn out. It could just be a favor by the headlining band to friends/family… it could be forced upon them by management or the record company or they could be legitimately talented. Moon Hooch was the the later in spades… and we couldn’t really decide whether they were their high school band teacher’s nightmare or prize students. They blew us away with their saxophone, bass clarinet and drum combo adding in the odd harmonica, vocals and slide whistle. It felt like a dj set composed of live music and some digital filters… That being said, we’re not sure if listening to the album at home will be in our futures. Half (if not more) of their entertainment value is in the show itself as well as the talent with which they play their instruments. Either way, check out their show if you can and take a listen, you might find yourself listening to them at home some night soon.

photos by Morgen Schuler

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