Thomas Dolby at Showbox Market

Walking into a seated show at The Showbox, I had no idea what to expect.

Opening the night was a folk duo, Aaron Jonah Lewis and Ben Belcher. Their fiddle, violin, & guitar playing had the audience clapping their hands & stomping their feet to the music. They encouraged photos & video. Once Dolby took the stage, to loud cheers, things were a bit different. There was absolutely no audio or video of his performance; however, photos could be taken through the entire performance.

Dolby isn’t your typical 80’s rockstar. He didn’t have an elaborate set, no flashing lights, no large speakers for band members to jump onto. He didn’t need those things. He only needed his synthesizers, samplers and whatever other items he had at his station so he could perform his magic.

He is on tour with a band and they were a wonderful accompaniment. Dolby even left the comfort of his station to sing center stage and the audience ate it up. They belted out requests, but Dolby was definitely going with his own set list. He began by telling stories about the song, and once the audience figured out which one he was about to play, I could hear: “I love that one!”, “Oh! That’s my favorite!, “I was hoping he’d play that!” and they were happy.

Once the melodies began to play, I remembered them too: “Hyperactive”, “Europa And The Pirate Twins” and “I Love You Goodbye” were included in his set. The audience demanded an encore, and by that time had forgotten about their seats, as they were standing, singing and clapping for the remainder of the show.


  1. love the huge watermarks!

  2. and I love when people steal photos and use them without credit or permission!

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