Temper Trap Lights It Up and Crocodiles Thrash

The Crocodiles were just as I expected, a great cross of rock and punk with just as much energy as you’d think. The band thrashed around the stage as the end of their set neared and the crowd was caught up in the storm of notes swirling around them. Despite the warm temperature inside the venue, the bassist donned a mod ankle-length wool-blend jacket complete with popped collar. He gave in towards the end–no one can thrash for that long and not work up a sweat.

Jumping, screaming and fists pumping the music swelled up to the very last moment and… bam! Ended as swiftly as it started. You could tell there was a palpable disappointment when the last note was played, but that quickly dissipated as Temper Trap made their way to the stage. A beautiful light show (including flower-shaped visuals) accentuated a solid musical performance. They were excited to be in Seattle again and we were excited to have them.

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