The Sunset Tavern Housed A Couple Dynamos

Just as I suspected, Ramona Falls and Land of Pines worked it on Thursday night at the Sunset.

Most of Ballard ave was shut down till around 8pm for a parade celebrating Syttende Mai, Norway’s constitution day. Basically it means there are five bus-loads of marching bands, little kids riding in tiny cars along with lots and lots of Nordic flags. It also means there was no where to park, difficult to maneuver around Ballard and just plain annoying. Despite all the festivities, the Sunset was jam packed with Ramona Falls fans showing up early to catch Land of Pines as well.

It’s been a long while since Land of Pines have shown themselves on stage, mostly due to their fetching female guitarist being in New York for school. But, they’re back now and just as great as I remember from last year’s Capitol Hill Block Party. Hopefully now that she’s home for summer break, they’ll be making up for lost time and pop up way more often around town.

As for Ramona Falls, they were incredible as always. Singing and grooving a’plenty spanned throughout the Sunset’s cozy space. Unfortunately they had to cut their set a bit short with no encore; the new mandolin/guitar player only joined the ranks a couple weeks ago and hasn’t had a chance to learn all the new (and old) songs. He’s got talent out the ying yang so we’ll cut him a bit of slack, but I’m looking forward to the next time they come to town with a full, and possibly extended, set.



  1. lovesmusicwilltravel says

    Thanks for sharing these. Can’t wait to see Ramona Falls live myself. You really captured some intense moments!


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