A Night at Neumos Filled With Hot Bodies

HBIM EP release at Neumos 1/12/13 w/ Allen Stone encore

HBIM EP release at Neumos 1/12/13 w/ Allen Stone encore

One of the greatest  things about following the local music scene so closely is watching bands grow. Seeing the groups that have so much potential move into their own and find that sweet spot. Hot Bodies in Motion (HBIM) has been around for about four years and we’ve been watching since the beginning. The band has a unique sound that sets them apart from a lot of other musicians in the area, which can be a godsend or a detriment… depending on the finicky tastes of the Seattle ticket buyer.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m among those finicky fiends that pass judgement quickly and are hard to win over thereafter. Something about this band caught my attention, though. It may have had to do with the kind hearts of the members and how I instantly felt a friendly connection. It may have been how easily their live performances pull people out onto the dance floor to shake their rumps (a rarity in this town). It also could have been those sexy lyrics that drive show goers to search the room for a dirty dancing partner. Whatever combination of those things, that magical mixture, it kept my eye on this group and I’ve seen them tighten up, build a following, and move into the spotlight.

At their EP release in Neumos earlier this month, HBIM sang to a sold-out crowd singing along, dancing and swooning over them throughout their sweaty, sexy set. The cherry on the sundae was Allen Stone’s unexpected appearance during the encore joining in on a rendition of “Superstitious”. Honestly, that was an incredible treat, but not what I’ll remember most about that show. Hot Bodies in Motion are headed places and I can’t wait to see where they go. Till then we’ll get the chance to see some incredible people make incredible music on their way up. Check out my shakey vid and some swarthy shots of the show, including their openers The New Limb and BGP, and recreate the magic.


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