Sasquatch ’15 Yearbook: Monday Wind-down

Oh, the last day of Sasquatch. We’re all tired and worn down, but still exhilarated and attempting to get as much of the festival life in while we can. Monday’s weather was a little temperamental, which actually played in well to the eclectic variety of shows lined up. If you were ambitious, for instance you could have seen Jenn Ghetto, Grynch, and Dan Mangan in the same hour! Seeing so many different types of acts definitely kept the energy levels up, despite having been at it for three days. I couldn’t have left this year’s festival happier and more fulfilled and already excited for next year! Let’s finish up with the last, but definitely not least, Sasquatch superlatives.

Best Dancer:

Future Islands

Future Islands at Sasquatch 2015

Future Islands… do I even need to elaborate? I don’t know that I can even begin to describe what it was like to finally see them live. If you’ve never experienced one of their shows, all I can recommend you do is to find some videos of their performances and prepare to feel things you’ve never felt before (and very well may never feel again).

Most likely to show up unannounced:

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams at Sasquatch 2015

Ryan Adams… want to know how to clear out a press room faster than yelling “FIRE!”? Try uttering the words, “Ryan Adams is making a surprise appearance!”. Adams jumped on stage and shared a song with his current tour opener, Natalie Prass, while a stunned audience alternated between cheering and pure shock.

Most likely to woo anyone:

Dan Mangan

Dan Mangan + Blacksmith at Sasquatch 2015

Dan Mangan + Blacksmith… as a long-time fan, I stayed for Mangan’s entire set (consider me wooed!) and I heard countless people around me falling victim to the beautiful spell he cast on all of us. “He seems so nice!” is one phrase that I heard again and again. One show and I promise you’ll be wooed too.

Most likely to be the life of the party: 

Thee Satisfaction

Thee Satisfaction at Sasquatch 2015

Thee Satisfaction… these ladies have an astounding fiery passion and they make it evident in their performance. These are two bad-ass ladies and they are not afraid to show you just how bad-ass they are.

Until next year, Sasquatch! This one was most definitely one for the [year]books!

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