Prombershoot Lineup with Allen Stone

Prombershoot lineup party w/ Allen Stone at Crocodile

Prombershoot lineup party w/ Allen Stone at Crocodile

The last two nights at The Crocodile have been full of funk and surprises. Katrina and I headed out to Prombershoot (the prom-themed Bumbershoot announcement lineup party) Thursday with little to no idea what to expect. The thought of Prom to a 30-something like myself brings about annoyance, rolling of eyes and honestly a little bit of anxiety. Not to mention I’m not normally a dress-wearing lady, my speed is more jeans, shirt, possibly a zip-up hoodie and most importantly my camera.  For this event I tossed aside 90% of that (the camera was still in tow) and put on some tuxedo-like duds (complete with a toddler-sized bow tie) for some fun.

Allen Stone was the highlight of the night as he made the crowd cheer and swoon while walking on the crowd’s hands rather than crowd surfing (what!? epic). It’s been a while since I had seen him perform. The endless tours haven’t worn him down one bit; he and his band brought that sass and charm as always and brought the crowd together like we were all old chums. Their classic ironic tuxedos added an air of goofiness that really got us all into the moment helping me shed that eye-rolling attitude.Honestly, if you slapped a gold tooth on Mark Sampson you’d get Dr. Tooth of the Muppets and Allen was about an inch away from being the Mad Hatter. The cash they laid down for those suits was money well spent.

I was happily surprised to have a fabulous time dancing to killer 80’s/90’s tunes tossed out by the dj that bookended Allen’s set. So many favorites including “Faith”, “Black or White”, “I Want it That Way” and lots more including “Jump” which I’m assuming was in homage to Chris Kelly, the recently deceased member of Kris Kross. The weirdest part about it was that 90% of the room was swaying (like typical kids at a prom) but knew none of the songs they were grooving to. Nothing makes you feel older than a room full of high school kids. Ugh, I now call anyone under the age of 25 a kid… thankfully I haven’t reached the stage where I’m yelling at them to stay off my lawn, but I did yell at a crow on my fence today.

Stepping away from my quick decent into old age, I’d like to get back to what this event was really about… the Bumbershoot lineup. I had several bands in mind for possible acts like Phoenix, Nick Cave (if only) Alt-J, The Comettes, The Grizzled Mighty and a few others. I’m excited to report that I was more accurate than I thought I’d be ( and I was just tossing up names of bands I was hoping to see on the bill). You can head over to the Bumbershoot website to see the entire lineup, but I’m gonna mention a few groups that you shouldn’t miss. But before I do that, one other thing I am really psyched about? All the local groups that I’ve seen on the sidelines for WAY too long and are finally getting the attention they deserve… several of which will be in the list below. Enjoy the photos and take my word on these suggestions!

Hot Bodies in Motion (local, funky, bluesy and sexy)
River Giant (local, great new album and wacky fun members)
The Grizzled Mighty (local, wacky and awesome)
FUN. (you probably already knew that)
Alt-J (up-and-coming killer group)
Maceo Parker (incredibly talented saxophonist)
!!! (fantasticly fun live show)
Vintage Trouble (get ready to dance… like James friggin Brown)
Mates of State (sweet, cute and fun. Show at the Tractor last year was rad!)
The Lone Bellow ( talented up-and-comers, killed at SXSW)
St Paul de Vence (local, frenchy with accordion, fun and unique)
Kris Orlowski (local, we brag on him constantly… beautiful voice and soul)
The Comettes (local, new folks getting attention for good reason)
Death Cab for Cutie (local, like I need to tout them…)

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