Low at Bumbershoot

Admittedly, I was rushing around like a squirrel on steroids for the whole of Labor Day weekend. I was excited to be working with such a great team, stoked to help KEXP cover Bumbershoot, and driven to see as many shows as possible (though as sleep-deprivation crept in, I started easing up on that last one). When I came upon Low and stepped into the photo pit to begin shooting, I was waiting for the music to hit me and get revved up for another three-song (how long photographers are generally allowed in the pit) rush to capture the perfect moment. It never arrived. Granted, Low’s more easy-going style draws people in because it purposely slows you down and gets you into a more relaxed state of mind. My feeling, though, was nearly that of boredom. Like I said, it may have been due to my harried frame of mind at the time, but I didn’t get any sense of “pow” or memorable lines during the three songs I decided to stick around for.

Maybe if I was spending time on a Saturday evening hanging out and drinking a beer, this music would have the perfect effect– helping me take in all my surroundings, lean back and enjoy what was happening right then and right there. Take it from me, we need to do that sometimes, but I think I’d rather listen to some old-school blues.

All photos by Natalie Kardos

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