Lee Fields and the Expressions at Bumbershoot

Lee Fields is not a product of the soul revival, but has surely experienced its benefits. He’s been making music since the late 1960s and it looks like he has no intention of stopping. When I arrived at his set on Sunday, he was on full speed, sweating all over the place, pleading to the audience through one of his many “Baby don’t go” “Baby don’t hurt me” “Baby baby baby” songs.

Lee Fields certainly knows how to entertain and moved around the stage comfortably and with high energy. The audience was eating it up. Near the end of his set, he engaged them about having to leave: “They say we got to go! We gonna [stay] anyway—this is OUR party!” To which the crowd responded with excited cheers and more dancing.

 The gallery below is when Natalie and Morgen caught Lee fields at his smaller KEXP set. He sang and opened his soul to the audience with just as much enthusiasm as the main set Tara witnessed.

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