Gotye Has Everyone Moving, and I Mean Everyone


Even the most subdued and sour-faced attendee at the Showbox Sodo Tuesday night ended up bobbing their heads and shifting to the beat as Gotye entertained every last member of the sold out crowd. Shifting and head bobbing is the official dance of Seattlites (proclaimed the country-wide as the least reactive music-fans). The pretty-boy Belgian-Australian walked on stage greeted by a roar of cheers from the audience and immediately started the show with a smile and loud hammering of mallets on the tom toms front and center. He was completely surrounded by electronic and percussive instruments aplenty.

As if the five-piece group of incredibly talented musicians weren’t keeping our senses busy enough, projections on the back wall added a story-telling element to all the songs. Most of them made complete sense and the rest were just fun to watch. From the moment the first word of the first song crossed his lips till the last note echoed through the cavernous room that is Showbox Sodo, I was singing with every breath in my lungs. Plus, he’s beautiful. Seriously.

I was excited to see Kimbra, the opening act, perform as well but perhaps not nearly as much as the squealing friends surrounding me. I was ready to see her live and discover what all the fuss was about… now I get it. She’s charming, adorable and has the pipes of a jazz singer and Broadway actress mashed together. She even did a cover of Nina Simone that had me swooning halfway through the first verse. Constantly moving around, singing directly to her fans and smiling like it was the first time she’d seen so many people mouthing to her songs (when she’s had immense popularity for quite some time now). I can only imagine how much fun it would be to just hang out and get a drink with her.

It’s pretty rare I forget that I’m part of the media and just dance without a care, but that happened over and over again Tuesday night. Here’s hoping Gotye gets his sweet ass back to Seattle again soon.



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