Doe Bay: Unfiltered

From the food to the shows, the facilities to the parking spots, the folks from Doe Bay Resort and Artist Home invest hours and hours and hours of preparation to ensure everyone has an incredible time at Doe Bay Fest. But no matter how much planning festival-goers do in advance, the moment you step onto the grounds, you feel nothing but relaxed and serene. All the plans you may or may not have had are thrown to the wind and your hidden desire to let the cards fall as they may comes to life. You’re on an island, so where are you gonna go? There’s no wifi or cell phone service, who’re you gonna get in touch with? Yourself. (Okay… that was way too much cheese, but you get my point.)

From Thursday afternoon till Sunday or Monday, when you catch the ferry, the schedule you imagined takes a back seat to sunny lounging sessions, swimming in the Sound and the musical magic amidst the trees. It is a setting with so much natural beauty and so many funny and lovely things happening, a filter seems unnecessary. So, I decided to shoot  much of the festival on my handy dandy iPhone (you can also check out the instagram account I created, doebayunfiltered for more).

Some may call this lazy (okay, most of you), but I felt like the rawness of it was in line with the feel of Doe Bay Fest. I realized this year (my third year at the festival) that how much enjoyment I get out of the weekend has a lot less to do with the festivities and a lot more to do with the people I chose to spend the time with. Which, admittedly, sounds like an after school special lesson. Don’t get me wrong, the music is always gorgeous, but camping for three plus nights with the same people (or maybe you’re a mover and shaker, sleeping in a different place every night), you’d better like the people you surround yourself with or you’re gonna have a bad time.

I found myself moving around a lot more, getting to know people I’d only talked to in passing, striking up some budding friendships (and maybe even a distant crush or two). So instead of a gallery with crystal clear, picturesque landscapes, closeups of joyful musicians and perfectly focused moments in time (there are a lot of amazing shots floating around the interwebs right now if you’re looking for something like that)… I went for low-fi shots that more perfectly capture the spirit and sentiment surrounding the weekend. I’ve even got a low-fi video in here of Kung Foo Grip joining forces with Kithkin (talk about your epic win). So, take a journey through my tiny lens and keep your eyes peeled for more about Doe Bay Fest coverage on IRW in the coming days. (Pro tip: click on any of the images to see a bigger version)



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