Bombay Bicycle Club Thrashed the Crocodile

Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club

In classic Brit Rock style, Bombay Bicycle Club absolutely annihilated the sold out crowd on Saturday night at the Crocodile.

It started off with the sweet, demure Lucy Rose spotlights blaring as the rest of the room was dark. Acoustic guitar in hand and gentle demeanor hushed the front of the audience as she sang. It was worthwhile to be there early and hear her play. Of course there were a few rowdy people on the floor but she was in good humor and beautiful voice.

Next up was The Darcys, a Toronto-based band touring alongside Bombay Bicycle Club (BBC) for the full length of their tour. The lead singer was quirky with an interesting way of moving about the stage that reminded me a lot of Daniel Blue from Motopony. It was obvious he lost himself in the music most of the night and understandably so. Softer-voiced he may be but distortion and electric guitar turns their music on its side and offers up a perfect precursor to the headliner.

BBC made their way on stage and the crowd erupted into a simultaneous roar. This is the first time the British foursome has made it to the west coast, much less Seattle. Vocalist Jack Steadman gave a half-smile to the room that tends to creep across his face as he sings. You never know if it’s that wry British wit shining through or just a lighthearted smile that comes from doing what you love. I would venture to say a bit of both. The rest of the night was a blur of dancing, laughing, singing and screaming. The band throws their entire bodies into the show hurling themselves across the stage as their fingers move up and down frets. The night ended with a killer two-song encore complete with a stage diver and a dude in the audience flailing his arms and singing at the top of his lungs while perched atop another guy’s shoulders. You could say Seattle loves Bombay Bicycle Club.



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