Andrew McMahon Still Brings Out the Fans

Andrew McMahon played to an enthusiastic crowd last Tuesday at the Showbox, singing songs from both of his former bands Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate, as well as a few new ones that will be released on his new project The Pop Underground EP April 30th. The night began with the smooth classic-rock infused acoustic sounds of Erland Wanberg, followed by the pop rock of Seattle’s own Barcelona.

When Andrew hit the stage, he sat alone at the piano and began playing “No Man is an Island”, a thoughtful and simple tune that hushed the already overly-excited audience (well, just-excited-enough audience). Soon, the rest of the band appeared launching into a set of high-energy songs including Jack’s Mannequin’s “Dark Blue” and Something Corporate’s “If You C Jordan”. I’m sure the highlight of the night for many long-time fans was the unexpected rendition of Something Corporate’s sleeper hit “Konstantine”, a 9-minute ballad that McMahon often avoids playing; probably because it is a 9-minute ballad. Overall, the night was a joyful celebration of good music and new beginnings. And yes, I fan-girled out a tiny little bit.


  1. Or maybe a lot.

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