A Break in the Madness, Picture Time

I was lucky enough this year to be a part of theĀ  Sasquatch Fest coverage team for KEXP, which is why you’ve heard nary a peep from me all weekend. I’ve finally come up for a bit of air and wanted to drop some evidence of the incredible time I’m having. Megan has mentioned (or will soon be mentioning) a few of the stand-out acts that we both can’t stop talking about; the biggest winner so far is Reignwolf. We’ll have a gallery and a little chat with him posted this week, but just know if you see his name in conjunction with a Seattle venue… go. Without question.

The whole weekend seems like such a blur of average, good great and the occasional incredible bands. One of the unknown bands I was looking forward to hear was Lord Huron. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so when they came out in pioneer-ish clothing I thought I had a feeling of what I was in for: pretty mellow tunes with some meaningful vocals. What met my ears was energetic and endearing. While their music may seem like the same old thing we’ve been hearing out of Seattle lately (folk and light rock) at first glance, they had a sort of magnetism that seemed to pull people in as they walked by the Yeti stage.

There are more little snippets from my weekend to come, but I wanted to check in to let you know I’m alive and kicking. A small fraction of galleries to come is below. Can’t wait to tell you about the new music I’ve discovered… man I love festivals.


  1. Morgen, you’re really good with the photo machine. So good.

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